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What Where When Resources
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Past events (2019-2020 academic year)

What Where When Resources
Understanding how ideas spread with sociology professor Jacob Foster Slichter Hall 2834 Monday, 3/9, 6p ———
Plasma thrusters, satellites, and access to space: discussion with Stephen Samples from the Wirz lab Slichter Hall 2834 Monday, 2/3, 6p ———
Book club start + discussing technologies important for the future Slichter Hall 2834 Monday, 1/13, 6p ———
Introductory meeting Kaplan A56 Monday, 10/7, 6p ———
Gradute student resource fair Ackerman Grand Ballroom Friday, 9/20, 12:30-4p ———


Past events (2018-2019 academic year)

What Where When Resources
Impact of AI on society with Prof. Ted Parson Boyer 130 Wednesday, 5/1, 1-2:30p RSVP
Talking about capitalism and climate change Haines A6 Monday, 4/22, 6-7:30p Article 1Article 2
Natural catastrophic threats (discussion) Bunche Hall 3117 Monday, 2/11, 6-7:30p ———
Anthropogenic climate change (discussion) Bunche Hall 3117 Monday, 2/4, 6-7:30p ———
Becoming a multi-planet species (discussion) Bunche Hall 3117 Monday, 1/28, 6-7:30p Notes
AI, China, and the totalitarian threat Bunche Hall 2174 Monday, 12/3, 6-7:30p Notes
FHC intro meeting PAB 2-434 Tuesday, 9/25, 5-6p Slides
Resource fair Ackerman Grand Ballroom Friday, 9/21, 12:30-4p Flier
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